Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Endangered Species

If he doesn't see some hands, every species in here is gonna be endangered.

Here's a genuine issue I have always had with the cobra: if something with no arms or legs can stand up, what else are those things capable of?

[shuddering over my keyboard]

Moving on.

These new prints are available (along with a shop-load of other products) at Society6. I'm currently researching a vendor to create some t-shirts/sweatshirts of these lunatics as well. So get in touch if you have any weird size requirements.

Endangered Species (Detail)


Endangered Species (Detail)


Sunday, March 13, 2016



REJECTED // March 2016

Re: neglecting gravitational laws and unreasonable extension lengths.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


In The Devil's Snare

This month I'm taking some time to experiment with a new process, which I'll follow up about soon. As far as which image I wanted to make that experiment with, it felt like this one finally wanted to be tactile.

Riding With Death was an image I first crossed paths with in 1999, roughly eleven years after Jean-Michel Basquiat crossed paths with an allegorical study on paper made by Leonardo Da Vinci. I am very much outclassed in that tree of influence, but it's the image itself that's the center of the fascination rather than who did it. I wouldn't be able to recount the number of napkins and post-it notes I've scribbled the faceless skeleton rider.

The drawing above was the result of that infatuation colliding with the book, In The Devil's Snare, a historical recounting of the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. From what I've read so far, Leonardo on his darkest day couldn't compete with the imagery that floated through the head of a Puritan when he took a passing glance at the woods. The director Robert Eggers recently explored the same imagery and mindset in a movie called The Witch. Both are well-written and receive high recommendations from this web-based-log.

For now, here's a new print available through Society6. There will likely be a new pair of prints based on it in my personal shop at the end of the month.

"Riding With Death" // Jean-Michel Basquiat (1988)

Study of "Envy" // Da Vinci (Year Unknown)

In The Devil's Snare (Sketch)

(Original Sketch Detail)

In The Devil's Snare (Society6)

(Society6 Product Images)