Saturday, February 27, 2016


Saturday AM Cartoons

Saturday AM Cartoons // 2.27.16

My mom had a stuffed orangutan when I was an infant. I'd never seen an orangutan and imagined it representing a small orange man with identical hands and feet. So for years my nightmares consisted of being locked in the basement throwing canned soup at the little man to keep it at bay. I later learned this stuffed animal was a promotional item for the human/ape buddy comedy, "Any Which Way But Loose." There's really no point to this story other than to help explain why I was always lukewarm to Burt Reynolds and Andy Warhol.

Monday, February 1, 2016


February Poster Bundle

What's that old adage?

"Idle walls are the dullard's playground"(?)

Am I remembering that wrong? I've got to be remembering that wrong.

Look, shut up, it doesn't matter. For this February the shop is featuring a bundle of three posters for a borderline nonsensical price of $50 (plus shipping and any relevant sales tax). That's pretty much a Chris-has-lost-his-mind-Shining-style-nobody-go-into-the-hedge-maze discount.

"Go Outside" (18" x 24"/3 Color Screen Print)
"Disable Notifications" (18" x 24"/2 Color Screen Print)
"El-P Gig Poster" (16" x 20"/2 Color Lithograph)

Your new paper friends are standing by. I'm sure they're looking forward to spending the remainder of your indoor months with you.