Friday, December 25, 2015


The Pessimism Procession

Thanks for noticing him.

This is a gift for my Mother, whose favorite cartoon character happens to suffer from crippling depression. If that doesn't explain the origin of a black sense of humor, I don't know what does.

The world's saddest parade float was built out of Copic marker and multiliners and heavy 11"x14" smooth bristol board.

I can't sell prints for obvious reasons, but you can probably ask my parents for a viewing.

Bring wine.

The Pessimism Procession (Detail)

The Pessimism Procession (Detail)

The Pessimism Procession (Detail)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

20 TILL 20


Businesses are just the worst.

Well, not always. But when you're talking about the holidays, and constant email blasts... yeah, the worst. 

And this is the first year that I have one. So I've had a had a decision to make: do I really want to tell everyone I know that my shop has sale prices twice a day until I'm despised?

At least for this year, the answer is NO.

So I'll tell you once right here. Until the 20th of December every print in my shop is 20% off. Why until the 20th? Because I'm not even sending shit out after the 20th. I'm taking time off and I'll be back after New Years. You should too. I'm confident ink and paper will exist in 2016.

Enjoy your holidays. I love you all. Here's to an amazing new year.