Thursday, October 29, 2015


2015 Shirt Show

An ode to my growing, adopted neighborhood here in Minneapolis. And also a reminder that not a city in America is free from the douche triumvirate of spray tan, light beer, and money.

Anyway, the 2015 Shirt Show happened last Friday, but there's some good news for those who couldn't make it. Extremely limited numbers of the shirts have been made available right here.

All of that is handled through the fine coordinators of the Shirt Show, so I don't take or handle those orders. Read: you don't have to wait until I have a day off to go to the post office to get your merchandise to you.

So that's nice for all of us.

2015 Shirt Show

2015 Shirt Show

Saturday, October 17, 2015


2015 Shirt Show

Oh hey hey. Just a heads up that I'll be a part of the 2015 Shirt Show here in Minneapolis.

There'll be ever so many Minnesota-themed torso covers for sale. Including a few of mine. Very limited quantities but if there's anything left I'll put them here.

The shirts will be there for sure. I might be there in case you'd like to drop by and say hello.


2015 Shirt Show

Sunday, October 11, 2015

AUTUMN /// 2015

Autumn /// 2015

It's October and 80 degrees outside today. Which probably means I'm being lulled into a false-sense of safety. Tomorrow I'll walk outside in a t-shirt, totally unprotected from frostbite.

You're a cruel one, Minnesota.

Anyway, in preparation for the indoor months we're all going to need a playlist or two, right? Happy autumn to you and yours. Stay warm.

01 . Gnoomes . Roadhouse
02 . Deerhunter . Breaker
03 . Tijuana Panthers . Front Window Down
04 . Mariah . Hana Ga Saitara
05 . Royal Headache . Love Her If I Tried
06 . Kurt Vile . Lost My Head There
07 . Shannon & The Clams . Point Of Being Right
08 . The Mantles . Don't Lie
09 . Ought . Sun's Coming Down
10 . DILLY DALLY . Desire