Thursday, April 30, 2015


The Art Of Stretch (Owen)

On-demand apparel has been one of the more intriguing trends online in the past few years. This week Society6 announced a proprietary process for the printing and building of customized leggings.

While it'll likely be a more addictive tool for a gender that is the opposite of mine, I did play a bit with the template. It's a little tricky, pattern and chaos can be successful. Here's a selection of designs that I made available through my shop, mostly based on some birth announcements from a few years ago.

Product disclaimer: I'm not the authority on whether or not leggings are pants. If your boss sends you home to change, that's on you.

The Art Of Stretch (Oscar)


The Art Of Stretch (Langfoss)


Saturday, April 4, 2015

SPRING /// 2015

SPRING /// 2015

Snow's gone, baseball players are doping again, an Antarctic outpost hit 60 degrees. I'm calling it.

Happy spring from your favorite doodle blog.

01 . Electric Light Orchestra . Last Train To London
02 . Young Fathers . Shame
03 . Ruth . Polaroïd/Roman/Photo
04 . Lower Dens . To Die In LA
05 . Jacco Gardner . Find Yourself
06 . The Embarrassment . Celebrity Art Party
07 . The Sound . Longest Days
08 . Chromatics . The Page (Drumless)
09 . Roberto Cacciapaglia . Find Your Way
10 . µ-Ziq . XT

Friday, April 3, 2015


Reach Out // Cassettes

Another addition to the array of ways you can force Classified Frequency's Reach Out EP into your ears:

The cassettes have arrived.

Available now, but only on their merch table. If you can make a show, do that. The MP3 download codes are inside along with matte black cassettes with yellow tape leaders (because details, people).


Reach Out EP // Yellow Liner