Thursday, October 30, 2014


Saturday AM Cartoons

How It's Made
Saturday AM Cartoons // 10.25.14

I don't really have a grading system for months of Saturday AM cartoons. But I think you can consider any month that features the disembodied left arm of Glen Danzig a screaming success.

Saturday AM Cartoons

By The Fist Of Danzig
Saturday AM Cartoons // 10.18.14

Saturday AM Cartoons

It's a koala, a colobus monkey, and a giraffe who investigate haunted locations. I call them the "American Boological Society" and the ball is now in the SyFy Channel's court.
Saturday AM Cartoons // 10.11.14

Saturday AM Cartoons

The Lion Behind The Luggage
Saturday AM Cartoons // 10.04.14

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

AUTUMN /// 2014

AUTUMN /// 2014

The move from Miami summer to Minnesota winter will forever make 2014 the 'Year of Aggressive Vitamin D Supplementation.' While we're inside, we might as well get this party started, right?.

01 . Clinic . Voodoo Wop
02 . Viet Cong . Unconscious Melody
03 . Swans . A Little God In My Hands
04 . Mission Of Burma . Trem Two
05 . Panda Bear . Mr Noah
06 . Flying Lotus . Turtles
07 . Lee Hazlewood . If It's Monday Morning
08 . Protomartyr . Maidenhead
09 . Twin Peaks . I Found A New Way
10 . Happyness . Montreal Rock Band Somewhere

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Carrie Evans Photography
Carrie Evans Photography

I was recently asked for some help to update the logo & graphic materials for my friend and Arizona-based photographer Carrie Evans.

Professionally, the mark was built first and foremost for the corners of lovely images. Selfishly, it was also built for the possibility of letterpress business cards.

Turned out well, yesssss? You can check out her portfolio here.

Carrie Evans Photography