Thursday, February 27, 2014


Saturday AM Cartoons

Saturday AM Cartoons // 2.15.14

February's contributions to the illustrated series, "Saturday AM Cartoons". And the weekend time wasting continues unabated...

Saturday AM Cartoons

Saturday AM Cartoons // 2.01.14

Saturday AM Cartoons

Saturday AM Cartoons // 2.08.14

Saturday AM Cartoons

The Devil On Your Chest
Saturday AM Cartoons // 2.22.13

Monday, February 24, 2014



A recent example of 9 to 5 (to 5 to 9) work invading the feed.

Recently several campaigns were launched directing Americans to enroll for health insurance through exchanges made possible by the Affordable Care act. One of these campaigns was a bilingual effort I worked on with agencies La Comunidad and Razorfish.

The thought behind the campaign came from a statistic that said more than half of Americans say that they would put their lives at risk for their pets. The effort turned these pets into concerned spokesmen, enlightening their uninsured American owners with the potential benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

As a design challenge, the visual guidelines needed to feel sophisticated enough to not come across as jokey, while being simple enough to work in a wide range of materials that needed to be produced in both English and Spanish. Here's a sampling of the efforts in video, static, and digital media.

Video Production & Animation: Psyop
Photography: Jeff Minton

Poster & Wallpaper Details –

Posters & Wallpaper (Dog) Posters & Wallpaper (Fish) Posters & Wallpaper (Cat)

Outdoor Example –

Outdoor Example (Cat)

Video Title Typography –

Title Typography (Cat & Yarn) Title Typography (Piggy Banks) Title Typography (Bird & Mouse) Title Typography (Hamster Wheel) Title Typography (Refrigerator)

Music Video (English 2:00) –