Monday, December 30, 2013


Get Your Life Together

So I took a look at your New Year's resolution. And I thought perhaps having this on your wall/body at all times might help.

Godspeed, my favorite sinner.

Posters, bags, shirts, etc always available through Society6. All proceeds go towards getting my life together.

Get Your Life Together (Products)

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Shotgun Brothers

Take all comers. I feel like that's pretty much the only way to develop a decent logo portfolio. And it's always amazing that the oddest jobs end in awesome results. This was a series of some of my favorite logos of the year which were for a few friends looking to make t-shirts for their account team, "The Shotgun Brothers".

T-shirts will be available soonishly. And this one actually made me rise from my chair and raise my fists to the sky:

Shotgun Brothers

Shotgun Brothers


Saturday AM Cartoons

"Tell Me Exactly What You Saw And What You Think It Means"
Saturday AM Cartoons // 12.07.13

I recently began uploading a few drawings to my Instagram feed. I avoided it for as long as possible as the quality is horrid and they provide no way of sharing imagery on anything that isn't a social networking site. For now I'll only be posting a series that was suggested to me by my good friend Aaron James. "Saturday AM Cartoons" is a receptacle for any quick drawings I've done over the course of the week that might be interesting enough to show. Let me underline those two words: "might be".

Saturday AM Cartoons

IFF (Imaginary Friends Forever)
Saturday AM Cartoons // 12.14.13

Saturday AM Cartoons

Charitable Contributions
Saturday AM Cartoons // 12.21.13