Monday, May 6, 2013


Members Only (Detail)

Members Only // Detail

I gave Moleskine's Postal Notebooks a shot this weekend. Their paper quality could only be rivaled by damp tissue paper. So the first will likely be the last.

Sound effect: (sad trombone)

Members Only // One

Members Only // Spread One

Members Only // Two

Members Only // Spread Two

Members Only // Three

Members Only // Spread Three

Thursday, May 2, 2013


The Egotists (Greater Bird of Paradise)

The Egotists // Greater Bird of Paradise

An illustrated series of three species of Birds of Paradise found on Papua New Guinea. This is what happens in my studio after a 24-hour National Geographic Channel binge.

Prints, throw pillows, iphone cases, etc. available through Society6.

The Egotists (King of Saxony)

The Egotists // King of Saxony

The Egotists (Black Sicklebill)

The Egotists // Black Sicklebill

The Egotists (Products)