Saturday, April 30, 2011

SPRING /// 2011

Spring /// 2011

I couldn't find any purpose for a few images I was experimenting with after spending a few days at home. It's not likely that many projects will ever come up that require a combination of my family photos with thirty year old astronomy magazines, no matter how awesome they look.

But I suppose traveling mixtapes will always need covers.

I'm headed down to San Francisco this week for the opening of the society6 Superheroes show at D-Structure gallery. If you're in town, drop by to see 46 professional artists and one gangly amateur.

01 . Peaking Lights . Key Sparrow
02 . Belong . Perfect Life
03 . Iceage . New Brigade
04 . Woven Bones . If You're Gold, I'm Gone
05 . King Tuff . Staircase of Diamonds
06 . Women . Bullfight
07 . Cocteau Twins . Lorelei
08 . Gardens & Villa . Orange Blossom
09 . John Maus . Believer
10 . Dead Ghosts . I Want Your Love

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Nothing To Eat Here, Orca

"Very well," he replied. "Good day, talking boat."

No One To Eat Here, Orca

The Orca is easily tricked. His teeth are, like, way bigger than his brain.


File /// Photo

Go Lions.