Thursday, December 31, 2009


As readers of this web-based-log were already aware, the I Like You Graphik is nothing if not progressive. To save our readers the hassle of reading a recent deluge of horrid "Decade End Lists," we've gone ahead and summed up the best of 10 years of photography, entertainment, sports and SLAMMA JAMS© into an 800 pixel square:

Progress: Pt. 4

Happy trails, Greg Paulus. You are now a footnote for THE AGES.

I found this while unpacking an old portfolio case this morning. There's never been enough Duke bashing on this site.

As an unironic (word? no?) aside: Thanks for checking in with me this year. I've just moved into a new studio/job/city which I promise to tell you all about at a later date. My best to you all in 2010,