Saturday, January 31, 2009


Reynard///Le Renard

Reynard///Le Renard

While doing an internship in Seattle in 2004, I stumbled upon a copy of The Story of Reynard the Fox in a used bookstore. It was an English translation of the original German poem, Reineke Fuchs by J.W. von Goethe and featured brilliant wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg.

I've wanted to create a series inspired by this book ever since I found it. And these days what could be a more relevant topic than anthropomorphic satire of European aristocracy?

"Anything?" you ask.

Well, yeah. Probably.

Reynard///Le Renard

Reynard///Le Renard

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


2009 Annual Report & Forecast

A letter to our investors,

In a shaky year fraught with financial crises, 2008 was an outstanding year at the I Like You Graphik. In the face of declining consumer spending, the freefall of US housing prices, and massive bank failures, our company is one of the safest investments of the coming year. What's that casual blog reader? What makes our company such a sure bet for growth in 2009? Well that's easy...



Illustrationomics is more than a word that we just made up. It's a forward thinking approach to business that avoids real estate, retail, and finance in lieu of drawing things. In fact, we're so confident that illustration will outperform the American financial sector in 2009 that we drew a graph about it and DIDN'T BURST INTO LAUGHTER.

Financial Outlook 2009

A brief history:

In March of 2008, we launched, an electronic portfolio of illustration and design work. That day marked a crucial shift in the direction of our company. Where before we were "fake," we made the bold move of becoming "real." The chart below details how we've outperformed many established corporations in 2008 by simply existing.

Bankruptcy In 2008

As our first year of business-blogging comes to a close, we at the I Like You Graphik have so many reasons to celebrate. We are proud to have launched a strong portfolio of illustration work. Proud to have worked with such talented friends. And finally, "we" are proud of my ability to use "the royal we," even when it makes sentences terribly confusing.

Thank you for reading. My best to all of you in 2009.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Do You Mean "Like?"

...or "like like?"

Before posting this piece, I decided to attempt a typographic abstraction of the same image. It was just for fun, but I'm becoming concerned that my type experiments are getting a little too inquisitive.

Question Heart

Monday, January 5, 2009


Nay, DEMAND a book deal. Look at us:


So much better than James and that giant peach of his. If a publisher shows interest in Clancy's adventures, you can look forward to such titles as:

"That is the doorbell. I am going to scream at all of you."
"You are on, or near my pillow. I am outraged."

And the beloved tale...

"You're holding a sandwich. I am going to lose my f***ing mind."

Your move, Taschen.