Monday, May 13, 2019


Saturday AM Cartoons

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Saturday AM Cartoons // 05.11.19

You work in a storyboard Moleskine for a few weeks and it starts changing the way you think. Or draw. Or, yeah. Same same.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Botanique, MN

Botanique, MN // April 2019


Accoutre, MN

Accoutre, MN // April 2019

Accoutre, MN (Detail)


Accoutre, MN (Detail)



Fictional States

Today a single titled, "Fictional States" has been released on Spotify and Soundcloud. And once again, this is my fault. It's backed with a personal favorite, a significant edit of a track called "The Great Seneca Highway".

And when I say significant, I mean it's something I built on a sampler and would often let ride for a good 30-40 minutes while I made dinner. Or messed up dinner and went outside to find out why the Doordash guy couldn't get out of his car and walk to me. I mean, they call it DOORdash. Not I'm-not-comfortable-with-parallel-parking-please-come-down-here-this-bag-is-heavy-dash. If they called it that, I would've just turned the sampler off and picked up the goddamn thing myself. Whatever.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

SPRING /// 2019

SPRING /// 2019

Generally, I don't make mixtape dedications but tonight I'm making two. Some guy jogged past my window today wearing running shorts and no sleeves. It was 43 goddamn degrees. The mix below goes out to Minneapolis' weather-related hubris and to that poor man's upcoming battle with pneumonia.

01 . Grace Ives . Mirror
02 . KH . Only Human
03 . Overmono . Quadraluv
04 . Octo Octa . I Need You
05 . H. Takahashi . Escapism
06 . Saloli . Barcarolle
07 . Rezzett . Worst Ever Contender
08 . Andy Stott . Cracked
09 . RAMZi . Safe
10 . Oh Shu, Bioman . Fano